Local Entrepreneur Launches “Historic Tees Online” Apparel Brand In Response To Covid-19


Local Entrepreneur Launches “Historic Tees Online” Apparel Brand In Response To Covid-19 Pandemic

 New online apparel brand sporting statement tees launches to raise awareness about the coronavirus while supporting community and resilience. 

Tampa, Florida (May 7, 2020) - Historic Tees Online has officially launched in response to Covid-19 with a message on a tee. We can all agree, our world has been badly shaken by the devastating effects coronavirus has had on us all. The steady rise of casualties, children adapting to distance learning, the thousands of jobs lost and families having to stay cooped up at home - the uncertainty of what lies ahead for many is bleak. It is a new way of life – an adjustment unlike anyone could ever imagine.

Local entrepreneur, Sunsaria Baldwin decided not to become stagnant and turned her heart of compassion towards her gifts. She developed the brilliantly conceived idea for the brand to encourage the public to beat the Coronavirus through social distancing, allow survivors to express survivorship, and support individuals and families affected by the pandemic. “I am excited about this launch and although we are experiencing a historical time in our lives, I do want our shirts to foster a connection and resilience to the community. Whether worn with a purpose to make a statement or to have as memorabilia, I hope consumers recognize the important messages it embraces.” Said, Sunsaria in a recent interview. She is committed to donating a percentage of Historic Tees Online’s proceeds to non-profit organizations who support homeless families and individuals who need testing and masks during the Coronavirus Global Pandemic.

Historic Tees Online” make perfect gifts and keepsake items for years of wear. All tees are made with breathable light cotton, ensuring a comfortable fit for essential runs and everyday loungewear. Tees are available in various colors, designs, and sizes. The brand strives to create a community with tees that sport messaging on historical events that support resilience and unity. The 2020 COVID-19 tees are just one of the product lines from the brand. A social media campaign has been launched to further share the power of unity across the globe.



About Historic Tees Online:

Launched in 2020, Historic Tees Online was created to show messages of support and provide a statement story for survivors of the historic COVID-19 pandemic that shook our world. Historic Tees Online are designed with a purpose to wear – to share unity and survivorship. The brand strives to raise awareness and create community across the globe with tees that sport messaging on historical events. For more information visit: www.historicteesonline.com

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