About Us

Historic Tees, is an online apparel brand created to show messages of support, compliance, unity, survivorship, and provide a statement for historical events. We strive to raise awareness and create community across the globe. Historic Tees make perfect gifts and keepsake items for years of wear.

Historic Tees, is Beating Covid-19 with a message on Tee.

We realize that wining is driven by persistence and resilience in which we all possess. Therefore, we encourage you to join our Social Media campaign by using hashtags: #6feetawaynotunder #ApartButTogether #BeatingCovid19 to help share the importance of unity compliance across the globe and curve the spread of Covid-19.

When you make a purchase with Historic Tees, you can count on us to donate a percentage of our proceeds to non-profit organizations who support families and individuals in need during catastrophic times.